Heavy-Duty Tape for Heavy-Duty Traffic

Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape to Get the Job Done.

3M™ Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape 971 maximizes your workflow, safety, and factory or warehouse appearance. Ideal for long-term floor marking in factory or warehouse high traffic areas, including areas with pallets and heavy equipment.

This tape is designed to:

  • Maintain its vivid color even when exposed to abrasion and wear-and-tear
  • Resist curling and edge lift with its thick, tough backing 
  • Support 5S lean manufacturing initiatives
  • Be easily and cleanly removed - even after years on the floor! 




How to Get Ultra Durable? 

As a 3M™ Industrial Distributor, The BoxMaker is the go-to source for all of your commercial adhesive and tape needs. 

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